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HITS:453 DATE:2017-09-19
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HITS:332 DATE:2017-09-19
CJ-30 single head full automatic latex foam machine, can produce latex pillow, latex toys, latex bra, etc.. Quality, excellent quality.
HITS:476 DATE:2016-05-13
Foam uniform, delicate, improve the rate, up to 10-20 times, the quality of products.
HITS:394 DATE:2016-05-13
Automatic and continuous sponge foaming machine, computer, memory, domestic initiative!
HITS:416 DATE:2016-05-13
Fully automatic continuous emulsion foaming machine Qingdao Cheng Jin Machinery professional development of natural latex foam products machinery and production lines! Fully automatic continuous...
HITS:440 DATE:2016-05-13
Single head computer PLC control latex foam machine, domestic initiative.
HITS:402 DATE:2016-05-13
Single head computer PLC control latex foam machine, domestic initiative.
HITS:367 DATE:2016-05-13
CJ-60 single head latex foaming machine Low production cost, high return on investment Beautiful appearance, simple operation, smart foam
HITS:398 DATE:2016-05-13
Double disc mixed foam, foaming rate of up to 20 times (customer site test) foaming delicate, do not generate large pores! Reduce scrap. Improve efficiency! Increase profit! Fault automatic alarm, mor...
HITS:427 DATE:2016-05-13
Qingdao Cheng machinery professional production and marketing of double - mode - head latex foam machinery, twenty years of experience! Proficient in mechanical properties, familiar with the pr...
HITS:359 DATE:2016-05-13