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HITS:514 DATE:2017-09-19
Qingdao Jin machinery to solve the ordinary cutting machine cutting puff tracks, our company introduced advanced technology in Japan the latest development of new powder puff special vertical cutting ...
HITS:491 DATE:2016-05-13
Our company developed the third generation of horizontal cutting machine is for latex and non latex cotton, foam latex sponge is soft, not easy to cut, polyurethane sponge brittle cutting is re...
HITS:452 DATE:2016-05-13
Our company recently developed a series of full automatic shaped sponge, super large edge grinding machine, the use of computer automatic control, to fully automated production, labor saving, high rat...
HITS:638 DATE:2016-05-13
In Qingdao Cheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of latex color, double color, three color eye shadow powder puff, head production line
HITS:566 DATE:2016-05-13