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HITS:251 DATE:2019-05-14
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Qingdao Jin Machinery of the newly developed latex slide machine, professional manufacture of latex tube equipment, production of advanced, according to foreign technology to stop counting, double col...
HITS:564 DATE:2016-05-13
Latex cotton special punch: CJ-2000 characteristic: 1 automatic continuous punching, automatic withdrawal, 2 can cooperate with the sponge production line, 3 hole spacing, spacing, thickness, can be a...
HITS:534 DATE:2016-05-13
My company in the introduction of South Korea and Taiwan on the basis of technology, independent development of new generation of environmentally friendly latex toys, mask production line, the ...
HITS:649 DATE:2016-05-13
Product Name: CJ-D4000 type carpet glue production line 1 equipment specifications Is mainly used for gluing on carpet or various plane substrate,
HITS:617 DATE:2016-05-13
Product Name: artificial turf coating line 1 equipment specifications Mainly used for lawn, carpets and various planar substrate glue, complete sets of equipment is divided into foam gluing mac...
HITS:538 DATE:2016-05-13