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The Difference between New Equipment and Old Equipment of Latex Foaming Machine

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The Difference between New Equipment and Old Equipment of Latex Foaming Machine
What is the difference between the new equipment and the old equipment of latex foaming machine? The old equipment mentioned in this edition is not the old equipment already used, but the more traditional machinery. First of all, the new equipment of latex foaming machine has been improved intellectually. The so-called intellectualization is the computer version control and the automatic production of the machine. Basically no manual operation is required. The rubber pump is imported from Germany. Latex foaming technology is also used in Germany. The old equipment is operated by non-computer version, manual operation, low cost, and need manual cooperation. Secondly, from the perspective of work efficiency, the work efficiency of fully automatic computer is much better than that of ordinary computer. Finally, from the cost point of view, the computer fully automatic latex foaming machine can be continuously produced many times. Intelligent degree is high, the cost is much higher than the ordinary, the ordinary cost is lower. Customers who like full automation can try to choose new devices. Customers with cost considerations can choose traditional equipment.
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