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Bangkok Customer Order Small Sulphur Out of Warehouse

Author: Sources:本站原创 Date:2019/10/9 18:06:29 Hits:150 Belong to:Company

The small vulcanization boxes ordered by Bangkok customers have been loaded and ready to be sent to Shanghai Shipping Center. The customers ordered two vulcanization machines, mainly for the production of small latex pillows. The customers purchased these two small pillow vulcanization boxes specially for testing and developing new latex pillows, which are not available on the market. Delivery will be completed in the next week. Two latex machines will soon arrive in Bangkok and put into operation.

Chengjin Machinery Company specializes in the production of latex machinery. The main products are latex foaming machine, latex pillow production line, the popular latex bra production line, latex mattress production line, latex toy production line and other latex machinery and equipment. The quality is guaranteed and the price is favorable. The following is a picture of on-site loading.