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Sichuan customer orders a latex production line

Author: Sources:本站原创 Date:2019/11/6 16:37:10 Hits:146 Belong to:Company

Sichuan customers ordered a production line of more than 150 meters latex machinery. After many investigations, customers finally chose our Chengjin machinery. Thank you for your trust. The production line ordered by the customer this time has a daily output of 2000-3000 latex pillows. The automatic production line is required. In view of this order, the production procurement and technology are specially discussed. After the scheme is determined, the procurement department has started the procurement. The trial run of this production line can be completed in less than a month. Thanks again for the trust of Sichuan customers. With your trust, we believe that the latex machinery made by Chengjin machinery will be very good.

Chengjin machinery mainly produces latex foam machine, latex pillow production line, latex bra production line, latex toy production line, latex powder puff production line and other latex machinery and equipment. Guaranteed quality and low price. Welcome to visit our company and order mechanical products.