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Process latex machinery can provide customized quality products

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As we all know, latex machinery and equipment are non-standard equipment, which can not be sold directly, so corresponding product machinery should be configured according to specific requirements. There is one point that can be achieved by EPM, that is to provide customers with high-quality latex machinery products. Latex machinery has latex foaming machine, production line, oven, water washing equipment, etc. We have developed latex foaming machine for more than ten years. We have a lot of experience. Customers only need to provide a request, and our technical engineers can make many mechanical styles for customers to choose. The quality is good. Before, some customers ordered the latex foaming machine, but they didnot say anything. They directly ordered the cj-50 pillow latex foaming machine. Before that, our engineers reminded customers many times that they needed to provide relevant parameters. The customer didnot provide it, which eventually caused the machine to arrive at the customer's factory, unable to operate normally. Therefore, for non-standard machines and equipment, it is necessary to know the quantity on demand, or you can directly provide me with the output of a day.

Chengjin machinery company is engaged in latex foaming machine, latex automatic production line, latex bra production line and latex powder puff production line. Our products are exported to Thailand, India, Malaysia, Bolivia and other countries and regions.