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Latex film, latex tube machinery used in fitness equipment

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Latex film, latex tube machinery used in fitness equipment
Latex film, latex tube machinery used in fitness equipment
Now people pay more and more attention to health. Fitness has become an indispensable part of people's life. Some people choose to run, ride a bike, play ball, and some practice yoga, square dance and so on. Tension bands, yoga mats and latex sheets will be used in the process of yoga. Do you know that latex film and latex tube are made by those machines
Next, the latex machinery manufacturer Qingdao Chengjin Machinery Co., Ltd. will introduce you to the latex tube machinery. It is obtained by a series of reactions of natural latex. Mechanical equipment of latex tube: firstly, ammonia removal is required for latex, including mixing drum, latex foaming machine, setting machine, vulcanization machine and drying box.
Technological process of latex tube mechanical equipment: unwinding, gluing, setting, vulcanization and drying.
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