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Precautions and application of latex bra machinery in use

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Precautions and application of latex bra machinery in use
Precautions and application of latex bra machinery in use
Latex bra underwear production line is a latex underwear production line specially designed, developed and produced by our company according to the current market demand. It has the advantages of simple operation, convenience, firmness and durability, stable product quality and high production efficiency. In order to better serve customers and achieve safe production, please read the following instructions carefully
1. The latex bra and underwear production line adopts three-phase four wire, 380V, 50Hz, and the whole production line is computer operated.
2. Determine the installation position of the equipment of the bra and underwear production line, consider the safe passage, production and maintenance, product transportation, water, electricity, gas, drainage and other facilities, and the comprehensive layout is reasonable. Level the ground and install the production line.
3. After installation, professional engineers connect the power supply, air source and water source to debug the machine. Before operation, add enough lubricating oil to each reducer, grease the sprocket and chain, and point the sewing oil into the stainless steel roller.
Safety production and maintenance:
A it is suggested to implement the shift production responsibility system, distinguish the products and flash, and keep them clean and tidy. If abnormal noise is found in production, it shall be checked and eliminated in time. If abnormal noise is found in motor and chain, it shall be shut down for treatment. To reduce potential safety hazards (hand injury prevention)
B after the initial production for 3 months, the reducer needs to change the oil once, and then change it once a year.
C. operators must have a strong sense of safety awareness, be familiar with safety operation procedures and intelligent operation steps
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